Oil System Cleaner

January 25, 2017


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Product properties:
Oil System Cleaner removes operational contamination and resin deposits in the entire oil and lubricating circuit, residue and carbonization in the piston rings and the upper cylinder area, neutralizes harmful engine acids. This leads to reduced fuel consumption, improved engine performance, reduced wear of the aggregates and longer life of the catalytic converter. In addition, Engine Flush protects the engine during the cleaning process through highly effective lubrication components.
Area of application:
Use in oil and lubricant circulation in 4-stroke and diesel engines, manual gearboxes, differentials and high Performance engines like marine and emergency engines. This product is Non-Friction Modified.
Directions for use :
Add to old oil when component is at operational temperature, Run engine for 10 – 15 minutes. Drain as normal at operational temperature, fit new filter and fill up with new oil.
Consumption: 300 ml sufficient for up to 6 litres of oil in engines, and by 10% total volume in other areas

Working time: approx. 15 min. idling phase with private car vehicles.

Note: The Oil System Cleaner can be disposed of in the same way and with the waste oil.

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