Nano Engine Super Protection

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  • Quieter smoother running engine, optimizes fuel and oil consumption
  • Used in all areas of vehicle
  • Keep O-rings soft and supple
  • Excellent “run dry” protection
  • Highly effective wear protection
  • No friction modifiers
  • Reduces noise and vibration (ie noisy lifters)
  • Used in all areas of vehicle such as Final Drives, Power Steering Pump, Transfer Case and Manual Transmissions. 300 ml sufficient for up to 5 litres of oil in engines, and by 10% total volume in other areas

Product details:

The highly effective Nano anti-friction protective film seals all the internal surfaces of engines and equipment e.g. oil system, power steering system, automatic and manual gearboxes, differentials, transfer boxes, as well as ensuring that seals, shaft seals and “o” rings remain supple.

Highly effective wear protection

  • improved oil flow during cold start
  • smoother and quieter engine running
  • increased performance
  • extended life of equipment
  • excellent “run dry” properties
  • non friction modified

Applications: For use in all petrol and diesel engines with common rail as well pump injector fuel systems, recommended for use with turbo’s, catalytic converters and particle filters

Directions for use: Add to the lubrication system. Sufficient to treat 5 liters of oil. Use in power steering systems, gearboxes and differentials at a ratio of 1:10. Before treatment, the cleaning of the oil and lubrication system with powermaxx Oil System Cleaner is recommended.

Frost susceptibility: no


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