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DPF Top Gun Cleaner


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Particle Filter Cleaner for compressed-air pistols with movable probe

Product Properties: Diesel Particle Filter Cleaner solves and removes all soot deposition and residues without disassembly. DPF Top Gun Cleaner cleans gently and can be used on all aluminum, magnesium, zinc and cadmium parts. The product can be used perfectly for the latest generation of particle filters. Fields of application: Suitable for all diesel particle filters. Application: Spray over the probe-hole with the special probe in the direction of the particle filter. DPF Top Gun Cleaner is applicable to all closed particle filter systems. Check oil level before cleaning. In case of oil dilution by diesel necessarily perform an oil change. Do a test drive of at least 20 minutes. If regeneration does not start automatically by the engine electronic, start it with a garage probe. Container Sizes: 1 liters | Art.-No. 33018


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