Diesel System Super Clean

January 25, 2017


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Avaliable in 375ml.

Product properties:

Diesel System Super Clean is a high-performance cleaner for diesel engines. Diesel System Super Clean is optimized for usage in vehicles with diesel particle filters and contains only ash-free ingredients. Recommended for engines with turbo and catalytic converter.

  • excellent cleaning performance for highly effective and long lasting cleaning results.
  • lastingly eliminates contamination caused during operation throughout the entire diesel system, from the tank to the combustion chambers.
  • removes resin deposits and releases sticking injection nozzles and injection pumps.
  • eliminates carbon residues and soot deposits within the entire upper cylinder area.
  • lubricates and protects the diesel injection system and the entire upper cylinder area (optimum lubrication according to DIN 590 HFRR)
  • Improved fuel atomization

Your benefits:

  • clean and powerful combustion
  • considerable reduction of smoke and soot formation
  • optimized emissions
  • optimum engine performance and remarkably reduced fuel consumption
  • improved lubrication during cold start
  • extended life span of injection units
  • guarantees reliable operation of catalytic converters with extended service life

Area of Application:

For all Diesel engines. Recommended for engines with turbo and catalytic converter. Optimised for usage in vehicles with particle filter.

Application Notes:

Add Diesel Super Clean at every service interval. For optimal cleaning results use bluechem professional clearflow cleaning equipment.


375ml sufficient for up to 80 litres diesel.


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