Diesel Anti-Bacteria

January 25, 2017


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Product properties:

Diesel Anti – Bacteria disinfects the complete diesel system. Destroys bacteria, fungus and algae. It prevents new growth and hinders the blockage of the fuel filter.

New generation low sulphur fuels, when contaminated with water, particularly in bulk storage tanks, leads to the growth of Diesel Bug.

Area of application: As an additive to the fuel tank. Tank must be filled to limit.

Instructions for use: The Diesel Anti-Bacteria should be added to the fuel tank, or the bulk storage when bug is detected.  Water in bulk tank should be drained off.

Working time: Works during running.

Consumption per engine: 300 ml is sufficient for a 80 litre tank.

Also available in 1 litre to treat either 200 or 1 000 Lt bulk storage tanks.

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