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Bluechem Australia is pleased to confirm that all of our products have been approved by Phoenix
Compounding Laboratory.

Successfully passed product tests:

  •  Evidence of effectiveness – TÜV Thüringen (Exhaust

emission: 70/220/EWG i.d.F. 2003/76/EG;

Fuel Consumption: 80/1268/EWG i.d.F. 2004/3/EG; Engine

Performance: 80/1269/EWG i.d.F. 1999/99/EG)

  •  O-ring test – testing laboratory “Richter”
  •  Rubber and plastic compatibility according to VW 2.8.1.

A70 – Phoenix Compounding Test

  • HFRR lubricity test / lubricity according to DIN EN ISO

12156-1 – ASG Analytik Service

  • Kinematic viscosity according to DIN EN ISO 3104 – ASG

Analytik Service

  • • Flash point according to DIN EN ISO 2719 –

ASG Analytik Service