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Bluechem recommends the combined use of its Powermaxx Oil System Cleaner and Powermaxx Nano Engine Super Protection products

It doesn’t make good economic sense to pour clean and often expensive oil into an engine which still contains contaminates from the old oil. Further, draining the old oil will not remove all of the contamination which occurs during the normal running of an engine between services – regardless of make, mileage or type of driving.
Bluechem Australia says it has randomly tested a variety of vehicles with various mileages across the world over many years and found that the combined use of its Powermaxx Oil System Cleaner and Powermaxx Nano Engine Super Protection products have delivered an improvement in compression and reduction in exhaust emissions “every time” and as such, recommends they be used with every oil change.
Both products have been independently tested and certified to verify their effectiveness, including by the TÜV Thüringen in Germany; both products contain no simple alcohols and are non-friction modified. They are safe to use on all vehicles and will not affect factory warranties as they are OEM approved, says Bluechem.


Powermaxx Oil System Cleaner removes operational contamination and resin deposits in the entire oil systems in engines, manual transmissions, power steering pumps, wet clutches and differentials while offering concentrated cleaning of the residue and carbonisation in the piston rings and the upper cylinder area. At the same time, it neutralises harmful engine acids.

Bluechem Australia says the use of this product leads to reduced fuel consumption, reduced oil consumption, reduced emissions (as tested TÜV Thüringen), and improved engine compression performance as well as reduced piston-ring wear and a longer life of the catalytic converter. Bluechem says Powermaxx Oil System Cleaner protects the engine during the cleaning process through the use of highly effective lubrication components. These utilise Nano Technology developed by Bluechem Group’s own in-house laboratory, CTP (Chemical Technical Production) and are claimed to deliver a unique cleaning effect and lubrication.

Powermaxx Nano Engine Super
Protection (NEPS)

Powermaxx Nano Engine Super Protection creates a highly active nano-barrier in the oil which protects all internal metal surfaces of engines and turbos; as well as in the oil circuits of manual transmissions, power steering pumps, wet clutches and differentials when added to the new oil. Using the product, seals and O-rings are kept supple. Most effective lubrication during cold starting, smoother and softer engine running, improved performance, longer life of aggregates and excellent emergency running can also be achieved by using Powermaxx Nano Engine Super Protection, says Bluechem Australia.

Better Together

The Lulea University of Technology – Sweden, undertook a research project to test Powermaxx Oil System Cleaner and Powermaxx Nano Engine Super Protection in an independent laboratory environment for CTP.
At the conclusion of its study, the university stated that “it can be said that the Nano Engine Super Protection additive significantly improves the reference oil’s friction and wear properties.” Bluechem Australia notes that Powermaxx Nano Engine Super Protection does not work as well in achieving these results when used without Powermaxx Oil System Cleaner first, and so recommends that it is best to use the products as a system.

Nano technology – what is that and how does it work?

One nanometre is equal to 1/1,000,000,000 metre – for context, one centimetre is equal to 1/100 metre while one mm is equal to 1/1000 metre. Another way to look at is that ten atoms are equal in size to one nanometre.
Nano technology is the term used to describe the composition of substances at a microscopic level. These substances are then utilised as chemicals that make up the Nano Bluechem product range. As the chemicals are applied to the metal surface to be sealed with the Nano protective barrier, the atoms automatically arrange themselves into a structure, creating a chemical compound with the surface area of the metal components.
Bluechem Australia says its nano products use true nano technology, which is why they are certified to do exactly what they claim to do, using Bluechem’s patented Polarity Cluster Change Technology (PCCT). Bluechem Australia products have been researched, developed and manufactured by the Bluechem Group in Germany for more than 30 years and are sold in 110 countries worldwide.

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