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Bluechem’s Carbon X product was recognised by the expert jury

The Bluechem Group’s combustion chamber cleaning system, Carbon X, has been announced as the winner of the ‘Excellence in Business to Business – Chemical Industry’ award of the German Innovation Awards.

Bluechem says the prize honours the many years of innovative strength, user focus and value-added orientation of the international group of companies.

Given by independent experts from industry, science, institutions and finance, Bluechem says this recognition of the product they released last year honours the innovation which allows it to have a decisive differentiation amongst its competition and also significantly contributes to its market success.

“As a technology leader in vehicle chemistry with 30 years of experience, innovation strength, user-benefit orientation and cost-effectiveness have always been among our core values,” Bluechem Group President, Werner Urban, said.

“Thanks to the German Innovation Award, our great achievements are now visible to a broad public!”

The German Innovation Award is set up by the German Design Council, founded by the German Bundestag and endowed by German industry. Since 1953, this foundation has been committed to the competitiveness of companies and holds various competitions for design, brand and innovation services of international standing.

“Above all because of its high standards, its transparency and its independence – from the nomination to the awarding of prizes – the German Innovation Award provided the perfect opportunity to present the Bluechem Group and its work across all industries,” Werner said.

“The evaluation criteria include for example, the user benefits, the functionality and operability, the economic efficiency, the longevity and quality as well as the sustainability.”

What is Carbon X?

With the help of the cleaning system Carbon X, the entire combustion chamber of an engine can be liberated of all operational deposits without the need for costly disassembly of the cylinder head.

The unique chemical formulation is suitable for both diesel and petrol engines, and removes even the most stubborn and hard-to-reach deposits in depth.

The innovative cleaning system Carbon X noticeably improves the smooth running of the engine and optimizes the combustion of the fuel.

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