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The products discussed below have been researched, developed and manufactured by the bluechemGROUP. Many have been tested and certified as to their effectiveness by TUV in Germany, some have been adopted by motor manufacturers’ and are sold under their own brand. The products are safe to use on all vehicles and will not affect warranty.

Most common questions


Typically your order will be dispatched within 24 hours with a tracking number.

Do you have a stockist of your products nationally?

No unless you are a fully qualified mechanical workshop.

Can I buy from your warehouse in Sunshine VIC?

No we do not sell retail to the public.
No direct sales online only.

Why are your professional products not available through your Shopping Cart Online?

We only sell these products to qualified mechanics.

When should I start using Bluechem on my vehicle?

From new if possible, to maintain your vehicle.

Do your in tank fuel products come with a pourer?


Does the A/C Foam Cleaner come with an applicator straw?


Engine Oil System Cleaner

How many litres of oil does Oil System Cleaner treat?

Up to 5 Litres

When applying Oil System Cleaner does my engine need to be at operational temperature?


How long does Oil System Cleaner take to clean?

Typically after 15 minutes with the engine idling.

Can I leave Oil System Cleaner in my engine?

Yes, the product is completely safe and will not damage engine components – i.e. gaskets and seals.

I often use my vehicle to tow or stop start city arduous driving

We recommend using Oil System Cleaner.

I have a smell of burnt oil in my engine?

We recommend using Oil System Cleaner.

My car is overdue for service

We recommend using Oil System Cleaner.

Excessive smoke / oil consumption

We recommend using Oil System Cleaner and then apply Oil System Care to the new oil.

Engine – Nano Engine Super Protection & Oil System Cleaner

Should I use Oil System Cleaner before applying Nano Engine Super Protection?

Yes – independent test results show that Nano Engine Super Protection will work more effectively if the oil circuit is cleaned first.

Can I use Oil System Cleaner and Nano Engine Super Protection in my final drive, manual transmission or power steering?

Yes, the mixing ratio is 10:1.

How many litres does Nano Engine Super Protection treat?

Up to 5 litres in new oil.

Does your Oil System Cleaner & Nano Engine Super Protection contain Friction Modifiers?

No. They are safe to use on motorbike wet clutches.


How many litres of fuel will all your in-tank cleaners treat?

80 Litres

Petrol engine pinging due to low quality unleaded fuel

Use Octane Premium to raise the Octane level of the fuel.

Can I mix different products together?

Yes see our PACKS in tank petrol or diesel products.

Water in fuel

Apply a can of Fuel System Cleaner into unleaded tank or Common Rail into the Diesel tank.

My Diesel fuel filter is blocked

Check for contamination of Diesel Bug and use Diesel Organic Cleaner on a full tank of Diesel fuel.

Excessive fuel consumption

Clean the Injectors – Petrol – use Fuel System Cleaner, Diesel – use Diesel System Super Clean.

Which product would you recommend to use in my diesel fuel filter when replacing?

Use Diesel System Super Clean directly into the fuel filter canister.

Exhaust Diesel

My DPF warning light is on

Apply 2 pack exhaust DPF Power Clean and OXICAT together with a full tank of Diesel fuel (up to 80 litres) and drive normally.

How long does it take for OXICAT & DPF to work in my diesel vehicle?

Typically within that tank of fuel.

How do I maintain my DPF?

If town driving use DPF Power Clean every two months

Air Intake / Turbo / EGR

I want to clean my turbo

Use Diesel or petrol Applicator Sprays and OXICAT.

My CRD vehicle is lacking power

Use the 4 pack diesel with OXICAT.

My GDI vehicle is lacking power

Use the GDI 5 Pack

Exhaust Petrol

Vehicle engine light on due to Catalytic converter deficiency or oxygen sensors working incorrectly

OPTION 1 – Use OXICAT with Premium Unleaded

OPTION 2 – Use OXICAT and Fuel System Cleaner with Premium Unleaded

OPTION 3 – Use OXICAT and Fuel System Cleaner with Premium Unleaded and also use Oil System Cleaner for optimal compression of the cylinders

My petrol exhaust smells of sulphur


How long does OXICAT take to work

Over the period used with up to 80 Litres of fuel in your vehicle.

Professional Mechanics

"We have seen huge results with cars that have come in with pretty badly carboned-up intake manifolds and throttle valves because their engine lights have come on and we have taken the Bluechem Triple X Plus Air Intake Cleaner and have seen huge results in the car’s we service."
Sharp Performance Melbourne – Owner, George Theodosiou

Complete trust in the products

"I'm so confident of the ability of the products that I promise my customers that if I can’t fix it, I won’t charge them!"
Manny Stamatiou, South Melbourne's European Automotive Repairs

It just makes sense!

"My Mercedes is not working as hard to perform to my requirements and neither am I. Driving is a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. Using the Power Max system, it seems she has regained her youth and operates the way she was designed to."
Ian Leslie, Mercedes Benz Owner





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