bluechemGROUP introduces Octane Premium

February 7, 2017

Thanks to consistent research and development the bluechemGROUP has optimized its existing Octane Booster and now presents the Octane Premium. The new product increases the octane number by up to six points, thus ensuring a significant improvement in combustion and in the response of petrol engines.

Continuous product improvement is one of the main principles for the bluechemGROUP. The in-house laboratory of the research and development department is constantly working on optimizing the existing range. Against this background, the international group of companies presents in December 2015 the new Octane Premium. This product is characterized to achieve an increase of the octane number by up to six points.

The aim of the development was to create an additive that increases the efficiency of petrol engines noticeably. With the new Octane Premium, this plan has been successfully put into practice, since it demonstrably optimizes both the combustion as well as the responsiveness of petrol engines. This effect was already confirmed by the TÜV Thüringen. An application test during the development phase showed a positive response from 91 percent.

Alexander Bienek, product manager in the bluechemGROUP, summarizes the current feedback: “The positive response relates primarily to the running behavior and the consumption. The Octane Premium delivers fantastic results here, which makes it suitable for end users as well as workshops.”