Fernando Is Reborn

Fernando is my 2008 Fiat Ducato Motorhome, when we hear the drums, we head off into the wild blue yonder to explore this great country.   I bought him second hand with 55,000km on the clock.  He never had the power I expected.  After a year of travelling with a trip to Queensland it was time for a service.

When he came back from service he was in ‘limp home mode’ and the check engine light came on.   The code was EGR fault, we reset the computer but the code came on again within a day.

I did lots of research and found that I was not alone with this problem, all over Europe there were people with the same problems.  I was fortunate that I heard about a company who was in the process of bringing into Australia wonderful products, formulated in Germany, which were going to address these problems.  It wasn’t just one chemical but a whole system of products designed to clean engines and then with regular usage, protect them from recontamination.  I was not just excited; I was over the moon in anticipation.

We treated and changed the oil, as well as treating the fuel.   I went on a little holiday through regional Victoria to give the products the opportunity to do their bit.   Performance was vastly improved, but the check engine light came on again, this time with a Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensor code.

After 1,000km we checked the oil noticed it was still contaminated, obviously there was a lot more sludge built up in the engine than we thought.  We treated the oil again, drained it and refilled with fresh oil.  We also ran more chemical through the fuel to continue cleaning the interior combustion and exhaust components, they were obviously more fouled than we thought.   We cleaned the MAF and replaced two vacuum lines that were starting to break down.

Now thanks to Bluechem Australia and the wonderful range of PowerMax products, Fernando is indeed hearing the drums again.  He is currently running better than I have ever known.  He has regained power, and if the computer is right, fuel consumption has improved by around 15%.

For me this means lower operating cost for Fernando so I can drive my fuel dollar further.  In my humble opinion, if someone isn’t using this system, they are wasting money.

To cut a long story short, I love your products and cannot recommend them highly enough to everyone.   Using the Power Max system of chemicals from Bluechem Australia will ensure that your vehicle operates the way it was designed to.


Fernando – The Saga Continues

After completing my first article, the Check Engine light came on again.  It appears that cleaning the Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensor was not sufficient, so we ordered a replacement MAF and it was fitted to the vehicle. I did a little trip to Adelaide and the check engine light came on, stayed of for a few days then went out.  A few days later it came back on again.   This time the code was an undetermined error, so we reset the ECU and I continued on.

At this stage the engine was emitting a considerable amount of black smoke which was unburned diesel.  I was also experiencing loss of power problems, all would be fine until you slowed down for traffic then was unable to access full power when I attempted to accelerate.  If I pulled over to the side of the road and restarted the engine, normal power would be resumed till the next time.  I contacted Bluechem and we decided to have the vehicle ECU scanned with the TEXA system computer based scanner.

The TEXA system checked all systems and identified that there was a fault in the Fuel system and the transmission.  It displayed a Debimeter (air mass) adaption compensation error which was causing an error in the MAF because the air mix was outside sensor limits.  The TEXA system recalibrated the fuel system and like a miracle, no more excessive black smoke.

Unfortunately the transmission fault was an active fault and couldn’t be cleared.  It was showing as a communication error between the transmission and the traction control system.  So it was off to an auto electrical specialist to track down this problem.  Wouldn’t you know it Fernando was behaving perfectly, no loss of power in city traffic.  The auto electrician put his diagnostic computer over the vehicle only to find that the transmission fault was no longer active and was able to be cleared.

What we Learned

Fernando was overfilled with oil at least twice while being serviced.  The effect of this was to force engine oil through the air system, contaminating the MAF, while the MAF and the air system was cleaned, the long term damage to the MAF was permanent.  Oil was also forced through the exhaust contaminating the turbo and being pushed up into the EGR valve.  No wonder Fernando had problems, he couldn’t breathe and the systems which were there to protect him had all been clogged with the excess oil in the sump.

What blows me away is that Fernando was reborn with the replacement of only one part – the MAF.  The rest was computer diagnostics and the liberal use of the Bluechem system of chemicals.  These chemicals were able to remove contamination from the engine.  My last lesson learned is to use the Bluechem system; it will protect your vehicle and allow it to perform the way it was designed to do.

The people who helped me in my journey are on the Bluechem website as Intelligent Motorist Service Centres.  The journey could have been a really tiresome path, however it was a pleasure to talk to the wonderful people as we researched and resolved the issues.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart, it was a pleasure to meet such professional people who care for their customers and the vehicles trusted to their care.

I am looking forward to my next adventure with Fernando on the open road, all systems working properly. I feel sure that his performance and fuel use will surprise me.

Chris Renshaw 


XE ESP 351

Neil and Jeff, I write to offer my feedback on the Powermaxx products. I decided to trial the FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER / OIL SYSTEM CLEANER / NANO ENGINE SUPER PROTECTION as part of a routine service.

The vehicle in question is an old-school, original, 1982 XE ESP 315 V8. It is the last of the V8 Cleveland engine offered anywhere in the world. The car is a highly sort after and very rare machine – less than 178 were built and this one is possible one of just a handful left. As you can see it is in showroom condition.

The engine is a mildly worked 351 Cleveland and was recently rebuilt. It is fresh….although has had a few oil changes. I’s last tune up was probably a year ago – so this service was just fresh oil.

Prior to this oil change and fuel system clean, the car was running a little rough, especially in start-up. Sitting at the lights, it just lacked that nice, balanced idle. Acceleration was a little off too – you just get that feeling it needed a tune.

I thought I’d try the engine clean and clean the fuel system too. The service was simple and enjoyable….I don’t often get to service my own cars.

My experience with other products has been disappointing – mostly because you can’t feel the difference.But the results were different this time. I could literally feel the improvement. Immediately the engine started smoothly, idled smoothly and under full throttle I could notice the improved acceleration. It was cleaner, more direct. I accept that new plugs and a timing change will make the ultimate difference, so I was not expecting a massive change. But, what I did notice was very pleasing.

To all you street machiners – check this out. It actually works.

Well done to you both. This is a game changer.

John Ruggiero

VX Commodore Wagon

After the service on my car, I noticed difference in how the engine idled.

The car ran smoother. As I have towed my work trailer all week, I can not give an honest report on the fuel economy, i.e klms per litre. I can say the car does accelerate better. My usual fill up with the trailer on is 5 days, happy to report the car has lasted over the 5 days since last fill up. I was impressed to see gold oil in the car after a week of driving. Impressive again for a 300.000 klm engine I will be doing same service with my 2nd car.

Thanks once again Neil.

Kind regards.

Alan Ward.


Golden Lady

I have been driving Mercedes Benz motor vehicles all my motoring life. The factors behind my choice of car are reliability, overall quality and high standards of manufacture. I believe in German technology. It is because of this that I was attracted to BlueChem-Powermax products. They made plain common sense. Any additive that promises to reduce corrosion, rust, friction, wear and tear is worth trying.

I drive a 420 SEL, 126 Benz. I lovingly nicknamed her the Golden Lady. One because of color and two because she is truly a gracious automobile and if I might be allowed to boast, one of the best of her genre in Australia. Immaculate both externally and under the bonnet.

That said the Golden Lady is getting on. 25 years now with 240,000 kilometers on the clock. Even a Benz needs a little help with factors like compression, acceleration, performance under load and fuel consumption. I am not a technical car expert, just an average driver like most road users. I really did not overly consider those issues until I became aware of BlueChem products at the 2014 Australian Automobile Dealers Convention that I have chaired for some12 years.

The team from BlueChem Powermax Australia exhibited and demonstrated their products in the AADA Trade Village. Neil Cochrane Managing Director of Bluechem Australia took the time to explain in detail how BlueChem products work to improve performance and reduce wear. Australian fuels are far from the best in the world. I am told we rank on the third lowest rung for fuel quality. When we full up at the bowser we import “rubbish” into the engine. Contaminants that over years cause damage to the motor, all moving parts in fact the entire drive system. This results in poor performance and expensive repairs.

BlueChem it was pointed out to me, reduces oil and fuel consumption, friction, providing protection against rust and corrosion. I’m told the products prevent deposits in oil and lubricant systems. neutralize harmful engine acids, protect against hot silt and also prevent the hardening of gaskets.

Sounds wonderful…but how does it do all that. Jeff and Neil took me through the entire engine and drive system, tracing the journey those nasty debris contaminants take, from the petrol intake to the exhaust outlet. Along the way they demonstrated how BlueChem additives go about their work. Breaking down the contaminants into tiny invisible particles that are neutralized preventing damage to the engine.

You don’t have to be a “tech head” to have heard of Nano Technology. It is at the frontier of life today. I went to the Blue Chem website to explore further how Nano technology seals the internal surfaces of engines and equipment. The oil system, power steering system, automatic and manual gearboxes, differentials, transfer boxes, as well as ensuring that seals, shaft seals and “o” rings remain supple.

As I said I am not a “tech head” but it makes sense and most assuring, is the fact that these products are made in Germany, based on decades of research by German Automotive engineers and chemists.

So how is the Golden Lady running now? I am using five BlueChem- PowerMax Products. Fuel System Cleaner, Oil System Cleaner, Oil System Care, Nano Engine Super Protection and the Oxicat Exhaust System cleaner. It is a bit early to measure in detail the individual performance benefits…and my mechanic will provide more detailed answers at the next service….but one factor is immediately apparent. Acceleration and power response under load and steep gradients is discerningly improved. The engine runs smoother and requires less foot pressure on the accelerator pedal. Gear changes to maintain power and speed are less frequent. The Golden Lady is not working as hard to perform to my requirements and neither am I. Driving is a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Using the Power Max system of chemicals from Bluechem Australia, it seems to me the Golden Lady has regained her youth and operates the way she was designed to.

Ian Leslie-Journalist and Communicator.

“Ian Leslie”



How would you rate this service?

Id like to thank Neil for coming out and showing me the inside steps into how the products work and teaching me how they assist in cleaning and encouraging optimal engine performance.

Would you recommend this service to your friends?

Yes I would, because I feel as though this information and education is lost and not taught as it should be to most mechanics, or apprentices. It could benefit the industry and individuals.

In your own words, how much better does your vehicle perform after this service?

My car seems to idle a bit more smoothly and the pickup on acceleration is quite better, compared to how the car performed prior to this service. The car seems to feel a lot more responsive once the turbo begins spooling and packs a bit more of a punch which the car had been lacking for quite some time. It feels as though ive had the car professionally tuned up, whereas its just been the result of some preventative and restoring maintenance to the engine.

I will definitely be recommending this product to whoever I can, and will persist in trying to convince my work colleagues of the promising results that BlueChem Powermaxx can achieve. My scepticism has been turned into optimism and belief.

Thanks Neil.

“Anton Werner”

Speedo Reading: 99,347kms
Year: 2006
Make: Renault
Model: Megane Sport 225 Cup
Engine Type: 2.0L, Intercooled Turbo Charged
Fuel Type: Unleaded RON 98
Brand of Oil used: Elf
Type of Oil used: Full Synthetic
Grade of Oil used: 5w/40
Fuel Filter Changed: YES
Oil Filter Changed: YES

Products Used:
-Oil System Cleaner
-Fuel System Cleaner
-Nano Oil Treatment