History and Development

The Bluechem group

With a handful of products, a strong will to succeed and a clear goal in mind, Werner Urban started his success story over 25 years ago. His “Pro-Tec“ product range won him outstanding reputation and a strong position in the fierce competition in national and international markets, which he was able to maintain to this day.

As his undertaking was growing, other companies joined it. To make cooperation between research, development and production even more efficient, the bluechem GROUP was formed. The GROUP now has over 5,000 products on the selling range, partners in over 90 countries, and sales are growing further.

To this day, Werner Urban has remained faithful to his goal of making products of high quality and efficiency and with demonstrable benefit to the users.
Increasing environmental requirements, more complex technologies and the increasing mobility of people at home and abroad open up more opportunities and hold out the promise of dynamic growth of the bluechem GROUP.

Bluechem / Powermaxx products are now available in Australia, with its launch from May 2014

The right choice

A vehicle’s life consists of different requirements determined by the demand and mechanical load. Vehicle owners and different applications create unique challenges for technology and materials.
In addition, changing norms regarding fuel quality (e.g. DIN EN 590) are also a driving force towards innovative materials and components.
As a result, there is a positive influence on the performance parameters
of motors such as fuel consumption, friction, exhaust emissions and accumulation of deposits.

Thanks to the constant feedback of our global partners and customer network, we know the market requirements and are able to create ultimate solutions.

Product development

Bluechem invests significantly in advanced technical and scientific laboratories.

Our Powermaxx range of products, now in Australia, all benefit from the latest technology and analytical and measuring instruments for gas chromatography, materials testing, emission measurement, oil and water analysis and more.

The future is here….