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The Powermaxx range of products were developed for cleaning and maintaining different car system cycles and when used together these products complement each other. With the help of our large product range you can take care of the oil and engine cycle as well as the cooling system in your car. Hence you can extend the life cycle of all the parts.

Oil 2 Pack Deal Petrol/Diesel


Injector & Exhaust – 3 pack Diesel


Engine / Injector & Exhaust – 3 pack Diesel


Engine / Injector / Exhaust & DPF – 4 pack Diesel


Made in Germany. Tested in Australia.

We are proud to introduce to Australia our exclusive range of Powermaxx service, maintenance and diagnostic products for OEM dealer service centres nationally.

Made in Germany and already well established in over 90 countries around the world, our Powermaxx range of service aids deliver a valuable commercial return for workshops and outstanding customer satisfaction for vehicle owners.

This is our guarantee.

We recognise that it’s not just the effectiveness of our products which is critical, but also the reliability and compatibility of our formulas. To meet the rigorous standards of the Australian trade, we have also invested in local testing by engaging recognised and reputable institutions to independently test our Powermaxx range.

A Complete Range of Car Care Products

Are you looking for automotive cleaning products?

You have come to the right place. Bluechem Australia brings you an unrivalled selection of car cleaning products to suit various applications and car systems. Our car cleaning products include those that have been manufactured, researched and developed by the bluechemGROUP. The products can be conveniently used on all vehicles, and we assure you of the best possible results. Browse through our car care products online today.

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Buy Car Care Products in Australia

The Powermaxx range includes high-performance maintenance products to make a real difference. At our store, you will come across different options so that you are able to find car care products that meet your precise needs and detail your vehicle to the highest standards. From engine products, petrol products, diesel products and more, we have it all here.

We wish to make it a seamless buying experience for our clients and have a broad range available for purchase online. Check out the categories that we have and our featured range to simplify car maintenance and care.

Preserve Your Vehicle’s Performance with Our Care Care Products

Owning a car comes with the responsibility of ensuring its optimal performance and maintaining its internal components in pristine appearance. Car maintenance and care products play a vital role in achieving these goals, helping you preserve the value of your vehicle while enhancing your driving experience. At Bluechem Australia, we understand your needs and have a wide range of products available in Melbourne (made in Germany) specifically designed to cater to the diverse needs of car owners.

Shop Online for Car Care Products in Australia

Engine oil system cleaner, fuel injector additives, and exhaust system treatments are among the key products that keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently. These products help prevent sludge build-up, remove harmful deposits, reduce exhaust emissions and improve fuel economy, prolonging the lifespan of your engine. At our store, we also have specialised car care products that have been rigorously tested and OEM approved to deliver promised results.

Regular usage of car maintenance and care products not only improves the overall performance and economy of your vehicle but also maintains thus adds value to it. Proper maintenance and care reduce the need for costly repairs, preserve resale value, and enhance your driving experience. If you want to invest in quality car cleaning products in Australia, make sure to browse through our range. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries.

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Professional Mechanics

"We have seen huge results with cars that have come in with pretty badly carboned-up intake manifolds and throttle valves because their engine lights have come on and we have taken the Bluechem Triple X Plus Air Intake Cleaner and have seen huge results in the car’s we service."
Sharp Performance Melbourne – Owner, George Theodosiou

Complete trust in the products

"I'm so confident of the ability of the products that I promise my customers that if I can’t fix it, I won’t charge them!"
Manny Stamatiou, South Melbourne's European Automotive Repairs

It just makes sense!

"My Mercedes is not working as hard to perform to my requirements and neither am I. Driving is a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. Using the Power Max system, it seems she has regained her youth and operates the way she was designed to."
Ian Leslie, Mercedes Benz Owner

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